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American plant based cooking class 

There is in fact some healthy food that comes from America! There is actually a "blue zone" of long-lived people in California.  Find out about them and what they do differently, as we explore healthy versions of classic American dishes.

We will all enjoy cooking and eating together.  Book by calling or texting 0411 960 476 with the names of those coming. Bring a friend and an apron. Don't forget to tell us if you have any allergies. 



May 19, 2pm-5pm

$30 includes the meal,


Diabetes support program

13-17 May

5 days live-in

- Juicing and 3 meals per day

- exercises according to individual capacity 

- Individualised program by a Registered Nurse

- Retreat accomodation

- Water therapy to boost the immune system 

- Massage

- Lifestyle counselling and follow up

- Tools to deal with stress, grief and other emotional issues that hinder healing

- Homegrown plant foods fresh from the organic garden (as available)

- only $1250 pp

Call to find out more! 0411 960 457

Call or SMS 0411960457 to book

Acacia Health Retreat QLD Packages

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Packages & Rates


Boost your immune system and sweat out your toxins with a Russian steam bath or Contrast foot bath $25/session (~40 mins)

Call or SMS 0411960457 to book


Book a massage $100

Call or SMS 0411960457 to book


Lifestyle counselling $30/hour.  Achieve your lifestyle goals with guidance from our registered nurse and lifestyle counsellor.

Call or SMS 0411960457 to book


Home-cooked healthy restaurant meals, plant-based

basic single course $20, 3 course $30

Simply let us know what sort of dish you would like, we have a wide repertoire and assuming we have the ingredients on hand, we can prepare it for you on the spot!

We naturally cater to gluten free and food sensitivities. 

Call or SMS 0411960457 to book

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