About Us


Noemi Cummings, Manager

Noemi was a rather sickly child, she suffered with asthma and many kinds of allergies, gradually by implementing lifestyle changes, she has been able to get rid of many lifestyle diseases that are normally considered as needing medication for life. 
After 30 years following a vegetarian lifestyle and almost two years a Wholefood plant based diet, Noemi experiences that  as the calendar indicates she is growing older, her body seems to be getting younger.

She is passionate about health and nutrition, she loves God and people and sharing the knowledge she has accumulated throughout the years, supporting people to achieve their desired state of health.

Noemi was born in South America and speaks English, Spanish and Italian 


John Cummings, Manager

John came to Australia as a young man with building and business skills already developed.  These became the motivation and key to success in creating a very successful manufacturing and retail business. Encouragement and motivation are very much a part of his natural personality. This combination sets the tempo for a positive experience with all our guests. Apart from his business skills he is a keen fitness enthusiast with activities ranging from bike riding to squash and marathon running. John loves to help people develop sustainable fitness practices. 


Bud Beaty, Representative

Bud was raised in a family where positive attitudes, diligence, love for God and a healthy lifestyle shaped the framework of his early years. His natural skills are focused on defining guests desired goals then creating clear, manageable steps to their achievement . Everyone  wins with a plan, and passion guided and supported by caring staff.


Kasey Duke, Chef

Kasey specializes in cooking wholefood plant-based meals that fuel the mind, body and spirit. Her first cooking experience came when she rose to the challenge of cooking for her family for many months when they took on the job of building their own house. Drawing on her passion and conviction to fuel their bodies with wholesome food, Kasey has found herself providing meals for hungry folks in various situations: her family, small groups, school camps and road trips. At the young age of 19 Kasey published her own cookbook, Wholesome Homemmade. Her recipes are simple, quick and economical-- without compromising on taste or nutrition.



Just 45 minutes from Townsville, Nestled in the Hervey Range, Acacia Health Retreat is located amidst the most beautiful nature of the region. 

We make good use of the land by growing fruit trees using permaculture methods and by growing our produce in our organic vegetable garden. We boast 80 different varieties of trees on the property, ranging from the common mango to the exotic like lucuma, acerola, maca and much more.


We utilize sustainable systems such as composting toilets, rainwater catchments, partial solar power to the property and by a spring fed bore providing water for retreat and garden needs.



Neat, clean, comfortable and welcoming, our focus is not on luxury but on your wellbeing. Situated in a rustic setting where you can reconnect with the land and truly enjoy the environment, Including the abundant wildlife presence. 

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