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Stephen de Bruyn
Manager, BA Medical laboratory Science, Permaculture course, bee-keeper and nature lover.

"I have worked together with my wife on week-long health retreats for the last 5 years in Sweden, with a group entitled "Steps4Life" (www.steps4life.se).  I find that this is a life-changing way to helping people.  Because of my background in medical laboratory science, I have a great interest in the scientifically effective ways of improving health.  Organic agriculture is my passion and I love being outdoors with all the health benefits! I believe in being practical and helpful and joining people on their journey to optimal living. Our large permaculture garden calms my spirit every day and helps me to keep a balance between mind and body. Our family loves it here and I know you will too!"

Frida de Bruyn

Registered Nurse, co-founder of Steps4life, Sweden

which for the last 5 years has held life changing retreats. Her role has been in customer relations, lectures, counselling as well as in conducting cooking classes and food preparation. She is passionate about people and loves creating delicious ways of eating nature's delights. The key that she uses is love as a motivator to any life-style change, active listening and motivational interviewing. 

Gloria Feather

Registered Nurse.

Trained in Depression Recovery with the Neil Nedley program. Has experience in using natural remedies and health work in the Townsville region and surroundings.

Dr Stella Omache

Medical Doctor

Practices in Townsville at the Kirwan GP Clinic. Compassionate and caring.  Stella believes in helping people achieve better health and quality in life, especially in regards to preventative health and lifestyle diseases.  

We also collaborate with diverse professionals who are trained and qualified. 

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